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Registered dietician, YouTuber, & TV personality Abbey Sharp is committed to providing Canadians and her many followers with all the information we need to live our healthiest lives through sensible information, not shaming or scare tactics. Whether it's through her website, her blog, her recipe development, her YouTube channel or her regular appearances on The Marilyn Denis Show, or the Global Morning Show, or through hosting events, Abbey disseminates reliable and relatable health and lifestyle tips in entertaining, informative, accessible, and most importantly, delicious ways. Abbey will expand her already impressive reach in early 2018 with the release of her very first book, Mindful Glow, and expand her family with the birth of her very first child in April so please also keep her in mind for any mama/baby clients!



Corbin Tomaszeski knows more than anyone about the power food has to bring people together and for years he's been bringing audiences to Food Network on his many successful shows like Restaurant Takeover, Restaurant Makeover, Dinner Party Wars, and Incredible Food Race. While Corbin may be a top chef, this devoted family man and father of three believes good food should be accessible, not elitist which will be evident in his upcoming cookbook, In Good Company, chock full of delicious, approachable and family friendly recipes set for release in 2018